We are Data Nerds

We focus on research, consulting and development of Data Products

We help organizations innovate using big data, data science and machine learning


We apply the latest techniques in Machine Learning and Data Science to solve real world problems that bring value to your business.

We understand that technology, data science and machine learning evolve really fast and it's hard to keep up with the latest trends without dedicating significant resources to the task.

That is why we help organizations know what's economically possible for them and help them find the opportunities where these techniques can add the most value.

Our capabilities


We can build data pipelines that process the incoming flow of data in real-time in an efficient and scalable manner.


We can gather and process all the relevant information that your organization generates and produce new insights and value using it.


We design, implement and enhance systems that can learn in an autonomous manner and help your products and systems become smarter.


We have several years of experience developing data applications in cloud environmets so we know the best techniques to keep the costs and delays of implementation to a minimum.


Even though we have a strong academic background we utilize the best software engineering practices like version control (GIT), unit testing, automatization, monitoring, etc.


We help organizations validate their hipothesis about a particular business/market using statiscally sound techniques.


We provide in-house training about Data Science and Big Data tools and techniques to accelerate the time needed for your team to start effectively using them.


We can use our capabilities to help you optimize prices, supply chain, organizational processes, stock management and other aspects of your business to minimize waste and maximize profit.


We help you know your customers better using techniques to predict CHURN, LTV and segment them using different criterias.

We can fullfil all the necessary roles in a data project



  • Customer Segmentation

    Clustering and segmentation

    Apply machine learning techniques to cluster customers by behaviour and preferences to enable actions targeting a particular segment.


    Estimate customer loyalty

    Using the data related to the the interactions and use of the organization's services from each customer, we can estimate the probability that each customer will cancel their subscription. This can help organizations with targeting the customers with the highest probability with preventive measures.

  • Dashboards

    Reporting & Dashboards

    We can create interactive dashboards that update in real-time with the most relevant business metrics to show the general health of the business or a particular department.

  • Data Lake

    Build and mantain the Data Lake

    We use the best Big Data tools in the market to help you build your Data Lake (in the cloud or on-premise). This enables the company to have all the relevant information in one place that can store it and process it in a scalable and efficient manner.

  • Recommendations

    Product recommedation

    According to a customer's characteristics, his behaviour and the similarity to the rest of the customer base, we determine which items the customer will find more interesting and increase the probability of suggesting them.

  • Object Recognition

    Object recognition in videos and images

    We build systems that can detect objects and people in images and videos together with their characteristincs, movement and can react in real-time to them. For example, this enables a system to react in real-time if a truck or car gets inside a restricted area in a road.

  • hadoop
  • spark
  • aws
  • scikit-learn
  • tensorflow


  • Accenture
  • Claro
  • Auravant
  • Ausa
  • Biwares
  • The Black Puma
  • Clarin
  • Coto
  • Habitat
  • Humber
  • Mailamericas
  • Mercado Libre
  • Prex
  • Spectro
  • TFG
  • Wayra